Wk 4 PYO - Week Beg 9th Aug

Wk 4 PYO - Week Beg 9th Aug

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Blueberry PYO Session on the date & start time selected :)

Great news that you are up for some blueberry picking this summer!

This booking system is in place to keep numbers of people on site to a quietly busy feel and will help the car park from becoming congested which is all good!

Below is how it works: 


Our PYO Bluebs are £9.50/kg and the payment you are making with this booking is for your first 1kg of blueberries you will pick on the day. This £9.50 is taken off your bill on the counter when you are finished. 

You are welcome to pick as much as you like with all additional fruit weighed in and paid for at the same rate of £9.50/kg. 

Numbers of people per booking: 

Bookings are per group / car full of people (not per person!)

- So if you are turning up on your own / as a couple / as a family then you only need to book one PYO session - it is as much about managing numbers of cars as it is about numbers of people on site :)

Session Times: 

Think of it as a "staggered start" kind of idea rather than a strict start and end time to the sessions. 

There is no rush to finish or leave before the next session starts and there is plenty of time for a coffee and one of Mrs B's cakes in the flower field when you are done picking :)

NB: The quietest sessions are usually around lunchtimes ie. the 1pm session if this is up your street. 

Days of the week: 

As you might have noticed there is no Monday PYO option this season - we have a slightly lighter crop than normal (bummer!) so we are trying out a fallow day this summer to help the plants (and staff!) replenish for the week ahead....